Beats Stash For Media Use is an evolving multi-genre instrumental series of beats/tracks that have never ended up on a full-length project, that I have now decided to make available for purchase for non-monetized social media use. Beats Stash for Recording Artists is an evolving instrumental series of beats for recording artists to purchase to perform/create songs with. Safe To Use is a two-project series that I created for live streamers so that they could have music on their live streams without getting a copyright strike on their content. All four of these projects are listed below and available to be used for social media content, as long as the song is purchased from Bandcamp and the following guidelines are met.

If you want to use any of the beats below for social media videos, all you need to do is purchase each beat you will use from Bandcamp, make sure you’re following the guidelines below, and tag me when it’s released.

Non-exclusive lease to use Lonegevity instrumental for Social Media
For use in one social media video (TikTok, Instagram Reel, YouTube Short, etc.)
Purchaser can use only one time for one visual, but the video can be used on multiple platforms
If purchases wants to use in a series of videos, a different license is necessary
Lonegevity still owns full rights
Lonegevity can reuse / reedit or resell for other works
Music credit shared to Lonegevity is required either in video or video description
Video can NOT be monetized *** (that includes YouTube long-form monetization)

Details on purchasing for monetized videos (including videos monetized on YouTube), music you want to sing or rap on, custom scores, and exclusive/extended rights: please use the contact form to inquire for more information.

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