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LONEgevity “Kindleap” Beat Tape

Five new beats! Check out my Bandcamp page for all of the information on purchasing a track from me. Kindleap [Beats] by LONEgevity

Beats & Breakfast Season 3 Has Started: Check Episodes 1-3

I’m quite a bit late here, but a few weeks ago Skittz and myself debuted the first episode of Beats & Breakfast Season 2. You can check out our website at beatsandbreakfast.com for more information, and I’ve attached all of the videos and songs below! We’ve currently released the first 3 episodes, which includes 4

LONEgevity “Interject” Beat Tape

I released this beat tape earlier this month. I’m late, I know. Bump! Interject [Beats] by LONEgevity

Participant in RBMA Bass Camp Detroit 2014

I haven’t updated this in a while, but for the small chance that you don’t follow me elsewhere but check out my site, I was invited to participate into the brand new Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camps they launched this year. The Bass Camp was basically a toned down version of the actually RBMA

LONEgevity “DreDilla Tribute” Instrumental

I chopped this up on Saturday for our Dre/Dilla party on Saturday night. Check all of the tunes I used below, and download for free if you dig! Tracks used: Add-2 – Cassette Tapes (LONEgevity Remix) Motherlode – When I Die J Dilla – African Rhythms J Dilla – The Red Remix Solomon Burke –